Algonquin Round Table Tour
Algonquin Round Table Tour

Take the Algonquin Round Table New York Tour (from the Algonquin Hotel lobby) or the Dorothy Parker New York Tour (of the Upper West Side). Author Kevin C. Fitzpatrick started these tours in 1999 with his company Big Apple Fanatics Tours. They are available weekly/monthly and via custom tours. Contact him for a private tour of for questions. About the tours:

Algonquin Round Table New York Tour
The Algonquin Round Table comes alive in the only New York walking tour devoted to the famed literary group. It met from 1919-1929 and is America’s most well-known group of writers. Walk in the footsteps of the legendary wits of the “Vicious Circle.” The tour explore the architectural and historical stories of the buildings and landmarks linked to them. Information, schedule, and booking.

Dorothy Parker’s Upper West Side
Visit Dorothy Parker’s neighborhood and walk in her footsteps to her former apartments, haunts, school, and more. See one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods through the eyes of a young Dorothy Parker. You will see:
* Her childhood homes & beautiful apartments, still standing;
* Visit Riverside Park, where Parker walked her beloved dogs;
* See where her famous neighbors Babe Ruth & Flo Ziegfeld lived;
* Take photos of stunning architecture.
* Learn about the history of the Upper West Side, its architecture and development, all tied into the life of Parker. See more than a dozen locations tied to her, as well as see scores of local landmarks, architectural gems, and historic sites.
Information, schedule, and booking.