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Franklin P. Adams Day

Today is the natal day of Franklin P. Adams, born on this day in 1881 in Chicago. During his days in New York City, he famously had joint birthday parties with his pal and poker-playing friend, George S. Kaufman (Nov. 16). There are many, many stories about FPA online and in The Lost Algonquin Round Table and The Algonquin Round Table New York: A Historical Guide. But there is news today, on his birthday.

Franklin P. Adams and his second wife, Esther Root, on their honeymoon, 1925.
Recently I was given the huge honor by the descendants of FPA to safeguard his papers and archives. Tony Adams, last surviving son of FPA and his second wife, Esther Root Adams, gave to me FPA documents, letters, photographs, and ephemera. I will be using some of that material for my next book, The Lost Algonquin Round Table 2, due out late next year. One thing about FPA, he saved everything. So on this birthday, raise a cocktail to FPA. He deserves to be remembered today and every day. Look for his books on eBay and in used book stores. He has been out of print since the 1960s, which is pretty sad to me. If you are a fan of FPA, drop me a line.

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